Zappos 4th Anniversary Party #195

Zappos 4th Anniversary Party #195

Zappos 4th Anniversary Party

Blog #194 I talked about Merchandising breaks out the buying by categories. In this blog I want to talk about Zappos 4th Anniversary Party


To celebrate our 4th Anniversary we decide to throw a happy hour at the Bambudda lounge which was a new hip place nearby. It was located in a Sketchy area of the tenderloin district but was recently renovated. The old place was called “Backflip”. The place had a really cool vibe and we were going to have it after work.


We invited some of our closest vendors too. There was a Bar area inside and a pool area where most of us were hanging out. Everyone was having a great time and enjoying The abundance of food and drink. At some point during the night we spotted Miles our Uggs rep shoe floating in the pool. Not sure how that happened but was good for a few laughs.


Fred cornered me towards the end and decided to get me hammered. He kept feeding me shots of vodka telling me to take one for the team. C’mon Mike just one more time “Take one for the team”. Then it was “That wasn’t so bad, let’s do one more”. Meanwhile Andy was at the bar and Fred decided to “help Andy” with an attractive person getting a drink. She told Andy he’d be better off without any help from Fred lol.


So at some point I had to end the evening because I had to catch BART still.  I had to walk through the worst part of town highly intoxicated. It was a little scary as there where people passed out from drugs or drinks on the sidewalk and Hookers everywhere equally drugged up.


Finally made it to BART and got on the train. There were cars full of people who just got out of the infamous “Black and White Ball” San Francisco had every year. People were loud and merry and dressed to the nines. I was trying to move my way through the crowds quickly because I felt like I was going to get sick. Made it to the last car and found some newspapers and put them over my head while I puked my guts out. Not my finest moment…


The next day I made the mistake of telling Fred and it went Viral. Everyone heard the story. Fred laughed and said “Welcome to Zappos”.

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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