White Rose 2022 Yeast Series D254 Pinot Noir

White Rose 2022 Yeast Series D254 Pinot Noir

White Rose 2022 Yeast Series D254 Pinot Noir

White Rose 2022 Yeast Series D254 Pinot Noir

White Rose Estate invites you to discover the artistry of their White Rose 2022 Yeast Series D254 Pinot Noir from the Dundee Hills in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Crafted using the D254 yeast strain, this wine beautifully reflects the winery’s commitment to innovation and highlights the influence of yeast on aroma and palate.

Tasting Notes:  White Rose 2022 Yeast Series D254 Pinot Noir

The White Rose 2022 Yeast Series D254 Pinot Noir greets the senses with an enticing bouquet of ripe cherry, blueberry, and raspberry, complemented by subtle earthy and floral undertones. On the palate, the wine offers a medium body, moderate acidity, and soft tannins, resulting in a balanced and fruit-forward expression of Pinot Noir.

Pairing Suggestions:

This Pinot Noir is a versatile companion to a variety of dishes, from the smoky richness of grilled salmon to the refined flavors of filet mignon, chicken, and duck. Soft cheeses and pasta dishes with mushroom sauce also find their match in this wine, making it a splendid addition to any culinary experience.

Closing Notes:

The White Rose 2022 Yeast Series D254 Pinot Noir is a testament to the winery’s dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new winemaking techniques. As part of the Explorer Series club, this wine is not only a delightful representation of the Dundee Hills terroir but also a fascinating insight into the impact of different yeast strains. Enjoy this Pinot Noir with a variety of dishes, such as grilled salmon, filet mignon, and pasta with mushroom sauce, to fully appreciate its versatility and elegance.

Structure Breakdown: White Rose 2022 Yeast Series D254 Pinot Noir

Acidity: Moderate

Body: Medium

Tannins: Subtle

Pairs with: Grilled salmon, filet mignon, chicken, and duck. Soft cheeses and pasta dishes with mushroom sauce

* ABV: 13.1%

Vino – Rater Score: 96



  • Clarity (1 points): This evaluates the wine’s transparency and absence of particulates, which can indicate cleanliness and precision in winemaking.
  • Color (1 point): Color assessment can provide insights into the grape varietal, wine age, and winemaking practices like oak aging.


  • Developed (1 points): Acknowledges maturity in aroma, indicating well-aged wines that have evolved to reveal secondary or tertiary notes.


  • Smooth Appropriate to Varietal (2 points): Important for assessing whether the body of the wine matches what is typical for the grape varietal, which speaks to the authenticity and skill in winemaking.


  • Robust, Multi-Layered (1points): Rewards wines that offer bold flavors and a sense of depth, catering to those who prefer a more intense taste profile.


  • Lingers (1 points): A lingering finish is often a sign of a well-crafted wine, suggesting complexity and balance.


  • Acidity Average (0 points): Neutral position for acceptable but not ideal acidity levels.
  • Bitterness Average (0 points): Neutral assessment for acceptable levels of bitterness.


  • Well-Made (1 points): Recognizes solid, technically correct wines.


  • Integration: (1 point) How well the wine’s components are integrated. High integration would receive the maximum points.
  • Tannins: (1 point) Quality and appropriateness of tannins relative to the wine style and varietal.
  • Typicity: (1 point) How representative the wine is of its varietal, region, and style.


  • Overall Enjoyment: (1 point) Overall enjoyment or drinkability, which can reflect the subjective pleasure derived from the wine.


  • 5-9 years (.5 point): Identifies wines that can improve or maintain quality over a moderate term.


  • Sweetness: (.5 point) The level of sweetness is average for the style of the wine.

Vino-Rater Score: 96

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95 – 100 Points: Memorable and world-class, these wines leave you in awe from the very first sip.

90-94 Points: Outstanding and enticing, these wines invite you to savor every glass.

85-89 points: Wines that are good but missing something.

80-84 points: Average wines that leave room for improvement in today’s competitive market.

75-79: Life’s too short

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