Twomey 2021 Pinot Noir

Twomey 2021 Pinot Noir

Twomey 2021 Pinot Noir

Twomey 2021 Pinot Noir 


Discover the enchanting world of Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley with the Twomey 2021 Pinot Noir, a masterpiece of winemaking that captures the spirit and terroir of Dundee Hills. This Pinot Noir, with its medium-high acidity, medium body, and subtle tannins, is a celebration of balance and finesse. The nose is a bouquet of plum, black cherry, blueberry, and cranberry, beautifully accented with hints of vanilla and spice, inviting you to delve deeper into its complexity. The palate is equally compelling, offering a tapestry of cherry, blackberry, and dark fruits, intertwined with chocolate, vanilla, and a whisper of herbs, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that are both rich and refreshing.

Personal Insight: Twomey 2021 Pinot Noir

My journey with Twomey began with a memorable visit to the Silver Oak winery in Napa, where I discovered their exceptional Pinot Noir offerings. Having been a long-time admirer of Silver Oak’s wines, my curiosity led me to explore Twomey’s Pinot Noirs, and the 2021 Dundee Hills edition has since become a standout favorite. Its vibrant freshness and fruity palate resonate deeply with my preferences, reaffirming my affection for Twomey’s craftsmanship. The anticipation of a trip to Willamette Valley in April further piqued my interest, and this Dundee Hills Pinot Noir, with its delightful expression, has only heightened my excitement for the visit.

Closing Notes:

The Twomey 2021 Dundee Hills Pinot Noir is a testament to the versatility and allure of Pinot Noir, seamlessly pairing with a range of dishes from an oven-roasted chicken and avocado salad to lean beef and fatty fish. Its ability to complement my signature smoked salmon dish underscores its status as a potential go-to wine for special occasions, captivating with its blend of acidity, body, and subtlety. As I continue to explore the vast world of wines, this Pinot Noir stands as a beacon of quality, inviting others to experience its exceptional character and the profound joy of pairing it with both culinary delights and cherished moments.

Structure Breakdown:Twomey 2021 Pinot Noir

Acidity: Medium – High

Body: Medium

Tannins: Subtle

Pairs with: Salmon, filet mignon, light pasta dishes, or creamy cheeses, or even enjoyed on its own.

Vino – Rater score: 92

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