Trisaetum 2022 Estates Reserve Pinot Noir

Trisaetum 2022 Estates Reserve Pinot Noir

Trisaetum 2022 Estates Reserve Pinot Noir

Trisaetum 2022 Estates Reserve Pinot Noir

The Trisaetum 2022 Estates Reserve Pinot Noir is a remarkable example of the Willamette Valley’s exceptional terroir and Trisaetum Winery’s dedication to crafting world-class wines. This elegant Pinot Noir highlights the winery’s commitment to excellence and their skill in creating complex, well-balanced wines.

Tasting Notes

On the Nose: An enticing bouquet of ripe strawberries and black cherries intertwines with hints of red licorice and chocolate, creating an inviting and intricate aromatic experience.

On the Palate: The palate continues to captivate, revealing layers of red and dark fruit flavors complemented by subtle mineral undertones. The medium body and soft, well-integrated tannins contribute to an elegant and refined finish.

Pairing Suggestions

The 2022 Estates Reserve Pinot Noir is a versatile choice for a variety of dishes. Enjoy it with light meat dishes such as roasted chicken, duck, or pork, as well as fatty fish like salmon or tuna. This wine also pairs exceptionally well with mushroom-based dishes, soft cheeses, and herb-infused creations.

Closing Notes

A visit to Trisaetum Winery in the Willamette Valley emphasizes their commitment to producing exceptional wines. Our wine tasting experience was elevated with each new tasting, and capped off by joining their wine club, which not only waived the tasting fee but also provided an unforgettable journey through their outstanding wine selection.

Structure Breakdown Trisaetum 2022 Estates Reserve Pinot Noir

* Acidity: Medium-high

* Body: Medium

* Tannins: Soft, well-integrated

* Region: Dundee Hills, Willamette Valley, Oregon

* Varietal Composition: Pinot Noir

* ABV: 13.4%

Vino-Rater Score: 93

Pairs With:

Overall Rating

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95 – 100 Points: Memorable and world-class, these wines leave you in awe from the very first sip.

90-94 Points: Outstanding and enticing, these wines invite you to savor every glass.

85-89 points: Wines that are good but missing something.

80-84 points: Average wines that leave room for improvement in today’s competitive market.

75-79: Life’s too short

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Tasting Notes

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