Torrin 2020 Red Blend

Torrin 2020 Red Blend

Torrin 2020 Red Blend

Torrin 2020 Red Blend

Embark on a vinous journey to the heart of Paso Robles with a  Torrin 2020 Red Blend that showcases the richness and diversity of the Central Coast AVA. This blend, dominated by Grenache and complemented by Graciano and Syrah, offers a full-bodied experience with low acidity and medium tannins, making it a robust yet approachable wine. The nose tantalizes with aromas of cherry, raspberry, and licorice, inviting you to discover more. On the palate, this wine unfolds with layered notes of plum, raspberry, cherry, and a whisper of strawberry, crafting a taste profile that is as complex as it is delightful.

Personal Insight: Torrin 2020 Red Blend

My encounter with the 2020 “Seneschal” came during a memorable visit to Torrin’s winery, where the passion for wine was matched only by the warmth of the hospitality. Guided by a knowledgeable host who shared her dual expertise as a teacher, the tasting became an enlightening experience that deepened my appreciation for the craft behind each bottle. The connection forged through this encounter has left me eager to return, further exploring the nuances of Torrin’s exquisite wine offerings.

Closing Notes:

The pairing of the Torrin 2020 Seneschal with a succulent dry-aged rib-eye steak, sautéed mushrooms, wild rice, and green beans was nothing short of spectacular. The wine’s full body and harmonious blend of varietals complemented the richness of the steak, enhancing the meal’s flavors and elevating the dining experience to new heights. The 2020 Seneschal is not just a wine; it’s a testament to the exceptional quality that Paso Robles’ terroir can produce, and at a Vino-Rater score of 92, it stands as a must-try for enthusiasts seeking to explore the best of California’s red blends.

Structure Breakdown: Torrin 2020 Red Blend

Acidity: Low

Body: Full

Tannins: Medium

Pairs with: Beef, Lamb, & most other red meats, pasta & hard cheeses

Vino – Rater score: 92

Pairs With:

Overall Rating

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80-84 points: Average wines that leave room for improvement in today’s competitive market.

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