The Easy Spirit National Sales Event- Blog #137

The Easy Spirit National Sales Event- Blog #137

The Easy Spirit National Sales Event- Blog #137

In Blog #136 I talked about how the Ugg Slippers bet Paid Off. In this Blog I want to talk about The Easy Spirit National Sales Event.


Easy Spirit was a really big brand for us. We had an older customer base so the comfort type shoes were a big hit. The Motion, which was a “Mall Walking” type lace up was the big item. There were many other popular styles as well. We had a slip on loafer called the Continental that had a super soft upper. The Mach 1 was the heavy duty walking shoe and the comfort pumps.


The Basketball pump


Back in 1993 Easy Spirit came up with a comfort pump system which was huge. They had a mid heel and a lower heel. there were several colors and materials and were great for the working women that enjoyed extra padding.The commercial they ran that year was a women’s basketball team playing basketball in their mid heel pumps.


Easy Spirit started a national Sales Event twice a year after that. It was a really big deal and the only time we could legally “pre-sell” merchandise.  Andre who had the biggest customer base did very well especially the first day. Our Rep Larry was awsome. Plus he was just a great guy. He would help figure out the quantities and deliveries. He was a big help in our success.


Pre Sell event


Mohana who was another Pacesetter, started developing an Easy Spirit customer list well ahead of time so he could take advantage of the sale events in January and July. For this event in January he had an enormous list for the first day. His stack of customers was pretty amazing. We absolutely killed it the first day.


Being organized


We had such great results in part by Larry being so organized. He set up a special room with registers we could use to just ring stuff up all day. We had one of the cashiers and our clerical Stacey just ring up the orders while the other cashiers stayed in the department to handle the live customers. I think we converted this same room to a larger office later on for the Buyers to use.




Nora was really happy with The Easy Spirit National Sales Event results as was our RMM. We had a great day. Part of the planning was working our stockroom in such a way that as we sold the UGGs down we were shifting space to make room for all the Easy Spirits we were getting in. Neil was a big part of this success in the stockroom.

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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Sandra Connelly
14 Mar 2023

I just had a very negative experience with Easy Spirit. They shipped me 2 different size shoes, made me return the wrong one and now are saying they don’t have my size anymore. Also, the customer service gave me the wrong information!

29 Mar 2023

This timeframe was back in the late 90’s when I worked at Nordstrom, I don’t even know if they have these events anymore


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