The Beginning of the End- Blog #159

The Beginning of the End- Blog #159

The Beginning of the End

Blog #158  I talked about how remodels are the ultimate sales prevention. In this blog I want to talk about the beginning of the end.


So 3 months go by before you know it. The mall was in heavy construction mode. The plan was to build a new Nordstrom store in the back right next to the existing one, then when its done they would move everything over. The existing building would turn into several different stores.




During the course of this time we had a few buy meetings and we were getting used to Monte’s dry wit. Not only did I like his humor, he was just a good guy too. The phone rings, it’s Monte. “They are consolidating the region to one RMM, so I’m getting transferred out. It’s been nice working with you”. Before he hung up he told me the bad news that my old RMM was running the whole thing now. Great…

Nothing like working for someone who has a hair up his ass for you…The following week he comes in. Picture this. Him whipping out a pair of pristine white gloves and running his finger along the display. “Dust” get rid of it… Ok he didn’t have the white gloves but he might as well have.


You did see that the whole front end of the mall is dirt plies and we have ten tractors outside moving dirt around right? “Excuses…” Well we have people doing dusting for closers it’s so bad. So anytime someone goes to lunch they clean some of the displays. “I don’t care if you have to man each table with a salesperson, NO DUST.”


Sale racks


He then moves to the sale racks. It was during Half Yearly and even though sales were down, we were one of the busier stores, especially during sale time. “AND WHY ARE THERE SHOES UNTIED ON THE SALE RACKS?” Uhh, maybe because people are too busy dusting? 


Sorry I couldn’t help myself, my sense of humor didn’t go over well that day. He started tying all the shoes on the racks. Ok I get it, you are in charge again and you are going to make my life a living hell until I quit. Not sure what his plan was because he was ultra political, but one thing I do know he wasn’t well thought of as a whole. Buyers and Reps alike complained about him which I got caught up into which was my mistake. I should have focused on solutions, but I didn’t…


What to do?


I kept dwelling on the fact that my time at Nordstrom was coming to a close. One solution would have been to call Jack or Blake to see what my options were but I didn’t. My character was not one that would throw someone under the bus no matter what I thought of them. It was a shame, I had a good run, and felt I made a difference but this was tough.


So what is the solution? In this case trying harder to change my mentality like I did at Koby’s and play to his way of doing things like I did with Al. The other option is to leave. My marriage had taken a hit due to the stress of my job as well so I wasn’t thinking clearly. My decision was to see what’s out there and while I’m doing that, try option one while I’m still at Nordstrom.  At least I had somewhat of a gameplan. 

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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