The Amazing Pegasus factory tour #221

The Amazing Pegasus factory tour #221

The Amazing Pegasus factory tour

Blog # 221 I talked about Anna starts and back to China. In this blog I want to talk about The Amazing Pegasus factory tour.


Today we were going to Pegasus which is one of the largest operations in the area. What we didn’t know until after the fact, our agent told them we were electricians that wanted to tour the factory.  Thankfully we all had a good laugh about that when the truth came out.


The outside of the factory was like a small town, restaurants, and the typical living quarters for the employees. When we got inside, we were all very impressed by how many lines were running. The shoes went on a conveyor belt that went up in the air in a basket to deliver the final product. It was like going through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. I think all of our mouths were wide open the whole time. And mind you we’ve seen factories before…


So many famous brands that we carried were made here. The Manager was very personable and gave us a great tour with fine detail. There were thousands of employees here. When lunch time came there were so many people filing out to go eat it was like being at a big event.


All the machinery was top notch and very well maintained. They had vests that the supervisors wore that were color coded for easy identification. There was also a department in the factory that did the quality control. Most factories have some sort of QC but this was a full blown department. The minimums were quite high for us at the time so we couldn’t land on a deal. The experience was amazing though.


Back home the company hit 68,000 different styles on the site. I guess our goal of having a great selection was getting there faster than we thought. Tomorrow we would go to a company that specialized in Quality Control. We were interested to see how this could help us.   

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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