Thacher 2020 Triumverate Zinfandel

Thacher 2020 Triumverate Zinfandel

Thacher 2020 Triumverate Zinfandel

Thacher 2020 Triumverate Zinfandel


Thacher 2020 Triumverate Zinfandel from Paso Robles’ Central Coast AVA is a bold and intricate expression of what Zinfandel can achieve when vineyards collaborate. This wine is not just a blend but a harmonious meeting of three distinct vineyard personalities, each contributing to the depth and complexity of the final product. With medium acidity, full body, and moderate tannins, it presents an inviting structure that promises and delivers an engaging sensory experience.

Tasting Notes: Thacher 2020 Triumverate Zinfandel 

On the Nose:

Upon first approach, the wine greets the senses with an opulent bouquet of blackberry jam, black cherry, and delicate hints of vanilla—a welcoming introduction that suggests a rich, fruit-forward palate.

On the Palate:

True to its promise, the tasting experience unfolds with a jammy explosion of blackberry, blueberry, and black cherry. This luscious fruit profile is balanced with a structured body and moderate tannins, making each sip as memorable as it is delightful.

Pairs With:

The Thacher 2020 Triumverate Zinfandel shines when paired with bold, hearty dishes. Its robust character and jammy notes make it an ideal companion to grilled meats, beef, lamb, and particularly well-suited for rich, flavorful stews and chili. The wine’s ability to complement and enhance the flavors of such dishes speaks to its versatility and charm.

Fun Facts:

The Triumverate’s name is a nod to the collaborative effort of three vineyards, each selected for their unique contribution to the wine’s profile. This triadic partnership is a testament to the winemaking philosophy that greater things can be achieved together, highlighting the specialities and strengths of each vineyard to create something truly remarkable.

Closing notes:

My personal pairing of the Thacher 2020 Triumverate Zinfandel with Linda’s Chili was nothing short of amazing. The wine’s hearty, jammy qualities paired seamlessly with the chili, elevating the meal to a memorable culinary experience. It’s a pairing that I highly recommend and will undoubtedly revisit.

With a Vino-Rater score of 92, this Zinfandel stands out as a superior example of the variety, offering both depth and approachability. Its ability to bring together the essence of three distinct vineyards into a single, cohesive expression is a remarkable achievement that reflects the innovative spirit and excellence of Paso Robles winemaking. Whether enjoyed alone or with a meal, the Thacher 2020 Triumverate Zinfandel promises to deliver a rich, satisfying experience, solidifying its place as a must-try wine for enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

Structure Breakdown: Thacher 2020 Triumverate Zinfandel 

Acidity: Medium
Body: Full
Tannins: Moderate

Region: Paso Robles, Central Coast AVA, California

Vino – Rater score: 92

Pairs With:

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