Thacher 2016 Red Blend “Controlled Chaos”

Thacher 2016 Red Blend “Controlled Chaos”

Thacher 2016 Red Blend "Controlled Chaos"

Brand: Thacher

The Thacher 2016 Red Blend “Controlled Chaos” is a true testament to Thacher’s boutique style in winemaking. My appreciation for this wine stems from Thacher’s rich history and the dedication of its winemakers to crafting unique and expressive blends. The 2016 vintage of “Controlled Chaos” reflects the vibrant character of Paso Robles and the innovative approach of Thacher’s winemaking team.


  • Low Acidity: Bright, crisp, and refreshing, with a sharp, tangy taste that is immediately noticeable on the palate.
  • Full-Bodied: Has more weight and presence, providing a rich and satisfying experience.
  • Medium Tannin: Wines with medium tannin levels have a balanced structure, providing some astringency and grip without being overpowering.
  • Finish: The flavors and sensations linger for a moderate amount of time, usually around 10-30 seconds after swallowing.
  • Aroma: Black cherry, blackberry, and violet.
  • Tastes Like: Dark berries, plum, and earthy notes.


Pairs with: The Thacher 2016 Red Blend “Controlled Chaos,” with its bold, fruity, and complex characteristics, can be paired with a variety of dishes to create a delightful dining experience. Here are some suggestions:

  • Grilled Meats: The robust flavors of grilled steak, lamb, or pork ribs pair wonderfully with this red blend. The wine’s dark fruit notes and structured tannins complement the savory, charred flavors of the meat.
  • Poultry: Herb-roasted chicken, turkey, or duck are excellent choices. The wine’s earthy undertones and rich fruit flavors enhance the savory, aromatic qualities of the poultry dishes.
  • Mushroom Dishes: Enjoy this red blend with mushroom risotto, stuffed mushrooms, or a wild mushroom pasta. The earthy, forest-floor notes of the wine harmonize beautifully with the umami flavors of the mushrooms.
  • Cheese and Charcuterie: The wine’s complex aromas and balanced acidity make it a perfect pairing for a variety of cheeses (e.g., Cheddar, Manchego, or Gouda) and cured meats. Its fruitiness and acidity cut through the richness of the cheese and meats.
  • Pasta Dishes: Complement tomato-based pasta dishes like spaghetti Bolognese, or hearty dishes like lasagna with a glass of Thacher Red Blend. The wine’s dark fruit notes and structured tannins balance the flavors and add depth to the dish.
  • Vegetable Dishes: Roasted or grilled vegetables, such as bell peppers, zucchini, or eggplant, can be enhanced by the wine’s vibrant fruit flavors and subtle spice notes. The wine’s complexity adds depth to the vegetable dishes.
  • Game Meats: Venison, wild boar, or duck breast are wonderful with this red blend. The wine’s bold tannins and rich fruit profile complement the gamey flavors, enhancing the overall dining experience.


  • Vintage: 2016
  • Varietal: Red Blend
  • Region: Paso Robles, California
  • Country: USA
  • ABV: 14.2%
  • Price & Store: $60.00 Thacher Winery
  • Occasion: Versatile – Wines that can fit into multiple occasions, from casual to more formal settings.

Conclusion: Thacher 2016 Red Blend “Controlled Chaos”

The Thacher 2016 Red Blend “Controlled Chaos” is more than just a wine; it’s a journey through the nuances of Paso Robles’ terroir, guided by a winemaker’s vision and dedication. It has become a go-to selection for me, seamlessly complementing a myriad of dishes or delighting the senses when enjoyed on its own. With Thacher’s diverse lineup of red blends and their exceptional single varietals, there’s a world of flavors waiting to be explored. This wine, with a Vino-Rater score of 92, is not just a bottle on the shelf but a cherished part of my wine journey, celebrating the unique bond between a winemaker and his craft.

Vino-Rater Score: 92

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