Target corporate visit went well #175

Target corporate visit went well #175

Target corporate visit went well

Blog #174  I talked about The good, the bad and the sad. . In this blog I want to talk about how a Target corporate visit went well.

Our new STL’s name was Becky. She was very personable, fit and attractive and was someone you liked right away. I could tell she was really smart and knew what she was doing. Of course I still would have liked working with George a little better. He was more real while she seemed kind of corporate. First impression was that I liked her.


Corporate Visit


We were informed of a corporate visit in a few days so we needed to get the store tuned up. Our Store had just received a double truck so it was a little rough so we had our work cut out for us. I volunteered to work straight through which meant 27 hours straight. She was super grateful because she was still getting her feet wet. Charles and I first did a bunch of scans to fill the store up fast. We walked every inch of the store as someone from corporate would do. End Caps were always “catch-alls” so we made sure they were all meaningful as well. Then we double checked that all signage was current and we were up to date on all the Plan-o-Grams (floor sets.)


Logisitcs Prep


Meanwhile the Logistics team took down all the pallets that were upstocked and re-wrapped everything nice and neat. Floors in the backroom werre mopped and swept real good. I think we even wiped down the forklift real good. All the boxes were straihght too to give an even better look. We did random location checks to insure accuracy.  Everything that usually was checked on we covered. I worked a solid 27 hours straight. At this point I was so tired and my body was so caffeinated that I was a hot mess. But we looked as perfect as we could.




It was a brutal two days of prep but we looked fantastic when they showed up. The corporate guy could tell I had worked a long shift and thanked me with a Golden Bullseye pin to place on my badge. “Get some rest now” he told me. These were hard to get so It was a cool reward. Target’s Golden Bullseye was a high honor. I was also acknowledged for my great increases and for the fact our Accident report was the best results in the region. George had put me in charge of safety for the store a few months back so it was nice to see such positive results.


More Changes


It was a great first impression with Becky. We hit it off right away. Shortly after the Visit she informed me I was getting transferred to the new Hayward store opening as the Logistics ETL. It was a promotion so It was a nice acknowledgement. With Target you really didn’t have a choice and since I was in the ETL program this is what it was all about. With all the recognition and positive results I was enjoying at that moment,I still had the same uneasy feeling of not being content…If I can’t be happy with huge increases and recognition for Safety and recieving the Golden Bullseye, what would make me happy? I started doing some real soul searching and decidied even being promoted to a STL wouldn’t do it. This was affecting my health, my marriage and my psyche. Something had to change and quick..

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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