Smoked Salmon Pairing Recipe

Smoked Salmon Pairing Recipe

Smoked Planked Salmon Recipe

Pairing Recipe #5:

Smoked Salmon Pairing Recipe

“A Tribute to Memories: Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon and Wine Pairings”

This simple recipe for Smoked Salmon Pairing Recipe becomes not just a culinary delight but a homage to cherished memories with loved ones. I remember my father when I cook this dish, fishing together on a serene lake, the catch was always secondary to the joy of shared moments. This dish, rich with the smoky essence of applewood and the zest of lemons, serves as a bridge to the past, embodying both the tranquility of nature and the warmth of familial bonds. Miss you Dad…

The Perfect Pairings:

To complement the robust flavors of this smoked salmon, a thoughtful selection of wines elevates the meal into an experience. Pinot Noir, with its delicate fruit notes and subtle earthiness, mirrors the salmon’s smoky richness. Sauvignon Blanc, crisp and refreshing, cuts through the smoky flavors with its citrus undertones. Pinot Grigio offers a lighter, fruit-forward balance, while a minerally Chablis enhances the salmon’s natural flavors. Rosé, with its hints of berries, brings a bright contrast, and Champagne, effervescent and refined, adds a celebratory touch.

Ingredients: Smoked Salmon Pairing Recipe

– 1 ¼ to 1 ½ pound of fresh salmon

– Lemons for zesty layers

– Fresh dill for an aromatic touch

– Salt & pepper to season

– A cedar plank for that distinctive smoke

– Applewood chips for a hint of sweetness


  1. About an hour before the cook soak wood plank, wood chips in water
  2. Heat smoker to 140, set up indirect cooking method (I use a Green Egg)
  3. Drain water from wood chips, remove plank from water, wipe excess water off.
  4. Cut lemons into ¼ slices, Place around 6 on the top of the plank.
  5. Place Salmon on the plank, on top of the lemons.
  6. Spread out fresh dill on top of the salmon, Sprinkle a little salt and pepper to taste.
  7. Place remaining lemon slices on top of the salmon.
  8. Insert the plank/salmon into the smoker.
  9. Cook about 25 minutes.

* I use a MEATER probe, stick the probe into the thickest end of the salmon and set to medium rare.

My method involves soaking the cedar plank and applewood chips to infuse the salmon with moisture and flavor. I layer 6 lemon slices underneath. I also arrange lemon slices and fresh dill atop  the salmon that not only adds depth to its taste but also honors the simplicity and purity of enjoying food in good company. Sprinkle a little salt & pepper for extra zest. The gentle heat of the smoker transforms the dish, marrying the diverse elements into a seamless flavor profile, marked by the moment when the salmon’s oils surface, signaling its readiness.

Closing Notes: Smoked Salmon Pairing Recipe

This smoked salmon recipe stands as a testament to my deep appreciation for the moments that shape our lives. Pairing the dish with a Pinot Noir or a French Chablis, I find a reflection of my experiences—complex, nuanced, and deeply satisfying. As much as this pairing is about flavors, it’s also about remembering the joy of days spent with loved ones and the stories that meals can tell.

Whether enjoyed on a quiet evening or shared with friends and family, this Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon, accompanied by its wine counterparts, is more than a meal—it’s a journey through flavors and memories, a celebration of life’s simple pleasures and the people who make them unforgettable.

Vino-Rater Recommends:

White Rose, “Yeast Series” – Native, 2022 Pinot Noir: An exceptional choice that pairs beautifully with the succotash, bringing forward the earthy and fruity nuances of the dish.

Domaine L. Chatelain, “Fourchaume”, 2022 Chablis Premiere Cru: Offers a sublime balance of minerality and acidity, enhancing the freshness of the vegetables and the creamy texture of the succotash.

Dalmeran 2022 Rosé: A refreshing and elegant option that complements the light and summery essence of the succotash, making it a perfect match for outdoor dining.

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