Paolo Scavino 2022 Nebbiolo

Paolo Scavino 2022 Nebbiolo

Paolo Scavino 2022 Nebbiolo

Paolo Scavino 2022 Nebbiolo

Dive into the heart of Piedmont, Italy, with this Paolo Scavino 2022 Nebbiolo, a wine that encapsulates the rich viticultural heritage of this renowned region. Crafted from the iconic Nebbiolo varietal, this wine presents a complex structure characterized by high acidity, full body, and pronounced tannins. It’s a vibrant exploration of Nebbiolo’s potential, offering a nuanced bouquet of cherry, raspberry, and strawberry, interwoven with earthy undertones, oak, and leather on the nose. The palate continues this complex narrative, presenting a tapestry of red fruits, floral notes, and spices, making it a compelling representative of Piedmont’s wine prowess.

Tasting Notes:

On the nose, Paolo Scavino’s Nebbiolo is a medley of red berries and nuanced earthy aromas, promising depth and complexity. The palate unfolds with layers of red fruits harmonized with delicate floral and spicy nuances, encapsulating the essence of the Nebbiolo grape. This wine’s structure—marked by its high acidity and tannins—suggests a capacity for aging, potentially revealing greater depth and softening its more robust edges over time.

Pairing Suggestions:

This Nebbiolo finds its perfect counterparts in the rich, savory flavors of beef, gamey red meats, heavy pastas, and hard cheeses, offering a versatile pairing that complements a wide range of culinary styles.

Fun Facts & Closing Notes:

Embarking on a journey to delve deeper into Italian wines led me to Paolo Scavino’s 2022 Nebbiolo. While my initial experience left me contemplating its distinct profile, characterized by a somewhat medicinal taste, it’s a reminder of the personal journey wine tasting offers. Each bottle is a discovery, an opportunity to refine one’s palate and explore the vast spectrum of wine. Perhaps with decanting, the Nebbiolo might unfold differently, presenting a new dimension to its already complex character. I’ll compare it to another Nebbiolo I currently have.

Structure breakdown:

Acidity: High

Body: Full

Tannins: High

Varietal(s): Nebbiolo

Region: Piedmont, Italy

Pairs with: Beef, gamey red meats, heavy pastas, and hard cheeses

Vino – Rater Score: 88

Pairs With:

Overall Rating

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75-79: Life’s too short

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