Palo Alto Womens floor recap Blog #145

Palo Alto Womens floor recap Blog #145

Palo Alto Womens floor recap

Blog #144  I talked about How great business cures all woes. In this blog I want to talk about my Palo Alto womens floor recap


Leave it better than you found it. Blake Nordstrom told me that once. When I came to Palo Alto it was in bad shape. Tow Pacesetters on the floor and one who just started. Asst’s were either beaten down from the bad business or really green. Mix wasn’t right and where it was it was too light.  I learned a hard lesson at first thinking it was my “Expertise in buying” that would turn it around. I was so wrong. When multiple things are wrong it takes multiple solutions. My ego got into the way at first.




By sharing with each other our problems we came up with great solutions that worked for both of us. Even though we were in different departments the goals were the same. We developed a great friendship too which was the bonus. With both of us being Buyer/Managers we spoke the same language. We got each other. We also had a good release after work talking it out. I miss my friend Daryl…




Larry was a good move on my part. He was ambitious, personable and really smart. It was a serendipitous meeting we had in the back room that day. But sometimes that’s what it takes. With me focusing on buying and him focusing on the managing the department, we made a great team. We communicated very well too, always on the same page.




She was tough, not going to lie. But it taught me the importance of high expectations. But there was the other side too, the fun, personable side which I grew to like. It was a painful lesson for me which humbled me. I needed it though, because I grew as a buyer  and a leader tenfold. I will always be grateful for this time and lesson.


Palo Alto Womens floor recap


So many great people and customers. Once I got the solution it was really fun. Meeting Bruce Munro in the stockroom and then having his wonderful sister Mollie come out later, was memorable. The people of the store were amazing too, everyone was really friendly and gave a family type atmosphere. The main thing for me was what I learned. People really do make the difference.




After I told him I was moving on we went over unfinished business on Po’s he needed to review. I left knowing I came clean with everything and had the best year ever in the history of Palo Alto. There was so much more to this Store that wasn’t mentioned in this Palo Alto Women’s floor recap. One thing is certain though, I left it better than I found it…

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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