My strength slowly comes back #226

My strength slowly comes back #226

My strength slowly comes back

Blog # 225 I talked about My night in a Chinese Hospital. In this blog I want to talk about how my strength slowly comes back.



The next day I stayed at the hotel to just rest. I ordered room service and just took it easy. I was slowly getting better. By the evening I could walk around without feeling like I was going to get sick. Finally had something to eat that was solid, but not lamb just yet lol.


After a few days I decide to tour some factories that are making our shoes. One factory was making our number one pump by RSVP, so I was excited to see it being made. They send a car to pick me up after breakfast. The factory was busy, and they were excited to show me our shoe coming down the line. It was like seeing a baby for the first time. Okay not exactly but close. I was proud of what we did here. Plus, it was a great shoe.


There were dozens of cases already packed and ready to go. It was nice to see “Zappos” on the cases. We had gone through a lot to make this shoe. Finding the right last, fit testing the sample and deciding on how many different colors. It was amazing we only had to make a total of 500 pairs in all 6 colors.


I had become friends with one of the owners named Paul. His rep Bodo introduced me to him, and we started to make some styles for our Gabriella Rocha brand. Bodo was a great rep for us and fun to be around. He had a lot of energy and charisma, so you instantly liked him. Paul was a little more on the gruff side, but we got along great.


He would take me golfing a few times which was cool, because in China the golf courses had caddies you could use too. Since I was learning the game, it helped me tremendously.


Paul wanted to show me a new factory being built and asked while we were there if the group would like to see it as well. I arranged that with Richard later in the week. It was neat to see the factory being built from the ground up. I knew the next time I was there it would most likely be done or close to it. China was fast in putting buildings up. There was a building close to being done while I was there for the workers. Each room housed 8-10 people in bunkbeds. They also had a cafeteria for them, to eat at as well.


It was good to get my strength back after such a horrible experience. From this day on, I have always checked how my meat is being cooked. It was good to get out and about and the people at the hotel were so nice to me checking to make sure I was ok. It would be nice to see everyone tomorrow.

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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