More changes in Valley Fair – Blog #155

More changes in Valley Fair – Blog #155

More changes in Valley Fair

Blog #154  I talked about how No problem was the Nordstrom way. In this blog I want to talk about more changes in Valley Fair


Karen was another great Store Manager I had the pleasure to work with. All her hard work got her promoted and transferred out of Valley Fair. Kristen was named our new Store Manager. She had a really nice personality, attractive and dressed nice. She was pretty funny too. I liked her right away and even more so when I learned she had shoe background.


Meanwhile my old employee Bill was transferring to the Brass Plum department to run things upstairs. It was going to be fun working with Bill again even though he’d be upstairs. We could have lunches together at least.




Chris who I just promoted to 1st Asst. was doing a great job. He was really strong and held the high expectations we had with everyone. Chris had a good sense of humor too so we had a lot of good laughs together. Over the next few months we became really good friends through the process. We both were on the same page and thought alike.


We would usually work one night a week and take Sundays off. Our second day off would be a Wednesday. Chris would close two nights a week and usually work Saturday and Sunday unless there was something he wanted to do with the family. Our Assts. Would round out the coverage.. With that being said We would usually open together 2-3 times a week. An hour a day was usually scheduled for us to go over things so we were on the same page. This worked well for us as we were usually on the same page.


It was great having someone like Chris as my right arm. With him being promoted we had a 3rd Asst. who was interested in his old job so we promoted her to the 2nd Asst. position. She was ambitious and eager to learn. She carried herself well so I thought she would be a good choice. We needed to fill her spot with a salesperson so Chris and I would have to figure out who would fill that spot now.


2nd & 3rd Assts.


The 2nd Asst. Position is really after they get thier feet wet watching the floor. Usually 3rd Assts. will work evenings and Sundays. To properly train everyone it was important to schedule them a morning or one of the nights I would work to spend quality time together. 2nd & 3rd Assts. are always in that awkward position where they are in management but usually are closer to everyone on the floor. The main thing to teach is how to have healthy relationships but at th same time execute the high expectations we set forth.

Retail things change constantly so you have to be ready for the next move.

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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