John Duval 2021 Shiraz

John Duval 2021 Shiraz

John Duval 2021 Shiraz

“Savoring the Essence: John Duval’s 2021 Entity Shiraz”

Embark on an exquisite journey to the heart of Barossa Valley with the John Duval 2021 Shiraz, a wine that masterfully encapsulates the vibrancy and richness of South Australia’s premier wine region. This Shiraz stands out with its medium-high acidity, full body, and firm tannins, promising a symphony of flavors and textures. Aromatic layers of dark cherries, plum, and violets, enriched with subtle notes of game, spices, and blueberries, prelude an opulent tasting experience. On the palate, the wine unfolds with intensity, offering deep flavors of blackberries, dark plums, and black cherry, intricately laced with spices, pepper, and delicate hints of oak and vanilla, culminating in a long, satisfying finish. It’s a pairing dream with grilled steaks, stews, and other hearty dishes, enhancing each meal with its robust profile.

Personal Insight: John Duval 2021 Shiraz 

During my exploration of Australian and New Zealand wines for a class, the 2021 John Duval Entity Shiraz emerged as a remarkable discovery. Among the five varietals tasted, this one captivated my senses, urging me to linger and savor its complex bouquet and palate. The wine’s alluring inky purple hue was a visual promise of the quality and depth awaiting with each sip. Its reasonable price point of $40 only added to its allure, prompting an immediate addition to my collection through wine.com. This Shiraz is not just a wine; it’s a memorable journey into the essence of Barossa Valley, eagerly anticipated to accompany my next grilling adventure.

Closing Notes:

The 2021 John Duval Shiraz exceeded expectations, turning a routine tasting into an unforgettable experience. Its balance, depth, and ability to pair so well with robust dishes have made it a standout selection in my wine journey. As I await the next occasion to open a bottle, I’m reminded of the joy and discovery that comes with exploring the world of wine, particularly when it leads to such serendipitous finds.

Structure Breakdown: John Duval 2021 Shiraz 

Acidity: High

Body: Full

Tannins: Firm

Pairs with: Grilled steaks, stews, and other hearty dishes

Vino – Rater Score: 93

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