Great Business Cures All Woes Blog #144

Great Business Cures All Woes Blog #144

Great Business Cures All Woes Blog #144

Blog #143 I talked about the Valley Fair Opening for combined floor.. In this blog I want to talk about how great Business Cures all Woes.


Daryl was doing a great job developing his Salon business. Most of this was in part for taking advantage of the Ferragamo customer that was prevalent in the Palo Alto area. In all our lunch and dinner talks we both bounced ideas off each other and it help both departments in the long run.


Daryl started having a nice flow of Ferragamo merchandise hit every month and it made a huge difference in his business. I was glad to see some pep in his step, he worked hard to get this business going and was now enjoying the fruits of his labor. His people were happy too, Great business cures all woes.




Daryl and Sue Ann invite me over for drinks the next night so I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell them I was being transferred to Valley Fair. He was dissapointed but glad for me too. I told  them I was going to tell Nora and the team the next day. Probably was an O’boy or two in the conversation and a few laughs as we always did. One thing was for sure, I was going to miss seeing him everyday.


Back at the home front Diane was happy I was moving on too. She knew someone like Tom would be a better fit for me. I was never one for being political so seemed like it would be better. The RMM I had just wanted me to be a yes man and I wasnt that guy…


Dog talk


We had just bought a house with the bonus I made for having a great year. It was a nice but modest home in the Fremont. The schools were great for the kids so we were happy about that. This house had a neat feature I really liked. Instead of a patio it had a sunroom. Basically, It was a fully enclosed Glass room with ceiling fan and nice furnishings. 

The kids wanted a dog really bad and since we now had a backyard it was probably time. I’ll go more into that in the next blog.


For now I just wanted to focus on my next steps and the new position. It’s true what they say Great business cures all woes, for now anyways…

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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