First Million dollar day celebration #215

First Million dollar day celebration #215

First Million dollar day celebration

Blog # 214 I talked about INC 500 and some new faces.  In this blog I want to talk about the first million-dollar day celebration.


On November 29th we were tracking to break 1 million dollars for the first time in a single day. Tony sent out an email stating “if the 11pm looks good let’s all meet at Kennedy’s at 11;30. He later sent another one saying wouldn’t be until the next day most likely. The buying teams were all heading out to NYC in the morning for the FFANY shoe show.


We ended up hitting $993 that night. The team reached NYC and we all had full days of brand meetings all week. FFANY was usually a full day with back-to-back meetings every hour with time for travel because the showrooms were all over town. Some brands would be located in a collective of different brands like the Javits center or the 1370 building. These were nice because you could knock out a bunch of appointments in one building. It was important in the planning process to know where the appointment was located so you would be timely.


The first day came to an end and Fred suggested we all meet at Rosie’s Pub for a bite to eat and to celebrate the big day. I had a Shepard’s pie and Fries but most everyone had burgers that night. Back in Vegas, Tony told everyone to meet at Kennedy’s at 9:30 to take a celebratory shot. We were having fun at the pub in NYC, so we coordinated the East Coast time with Vegas.


It was on from there; tomorrow was going to be a rough day. Every time my beer glass would be empty, they would order another. At one point they were just ordering more rounds every time the waitress came by, and I had three beers in front of me. Have to catch up Mikey, Fred would call out. PL also had a great day hitting 4% of the company. Fred was really happy with the progress we had made.


Zappos hit $184 million in sales that year which more than doubled the year before. PL ended up hitting close to 6% of the companies business for the year.


…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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