Domaine Derey 2020 Burgundy

Domaine Derey 2020 Burgundy

Domaine Derey 2020 Burgundy

Domaine Derey 2020 Burgundy


the  Domaine Derey 2020 Burgundy is a testament to the craftsmanship of Burgundy’s winemaking tradition, offering an elegant and nuanced expression of the Pinot Noir varietal. It stands as a beacon for those who appreciate the intricate balance and depth that only the best of Burgundy can provide

Tasting Notes: Domaine Derey 2020 Burgundy

On the Nose:

The 2020 Domaine Derey opens with enticing aromas of black cherry and raspberry, delicately interwoven with a hint of game, showcasing the wine’s complexity and the distinctive character of its terroir

On the Palate: 

This Pinot Noir gracefully unfolds with vibrant notes of cherry and blueberry, accentuated by subtle hints of minerals. The palate is a testament to the wine’s elegance, offering a harmonious blend that is both refreshing and deeply satisfying

Pairs With:

This versatile wine complements a wide range of dishes, from the richness of grilled or smoked salmon to the robust flavors of filet mignon. It equally enhances the delicacy of chicken and duck, and soft cheeses, making it a perfect choice for diverse culinary experiences.

Closing notes:

My encounter with the Domaine Derey 2020 Burgundy was during a journey to deepen my understanding of French wines. The term “Vieilles Vignes” signifies the wine’s deep-rooted legacy in old vines, contributing to its depth and flavor concentration. Paired with baked chicken wings and stuffed mushrooms, it offered an exquisite exploration of pairing possibilities, reaffirming the joy of discovering wine-food harmonies.

Structure Breakdown: Domaine Derey 2020 Burgundy

Acidity: Moderate 

Body: Medium

Tannins: Subtle

Varietal(s): Pinot Noir

Region: Burgundy, France

Appelation: Fixin

Pairs With: Grilled or smoked salmon, filet mignon, chicken, and duck.

Vino – Rater score: 92

Pairs With:

Overall Rating

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95 – 100 Points: Memorable and world-class, these wines leave you in awe from the very first sip.

90-94 Points: Outstanding and enticing, these wines invite you to savor every glass.

85-89 points: Wines that are good but missing something.

80-84 points: Average wines that leave room for improvement in today’s competitive market.

75-79: Life’s too short

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Tasting Notes

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