Decoy 2021 Limited Pinot Noir

Decoy 2021 Limited Pinot Noir

Decoy 2021 Limited Pinot Noir

Decoy 2021 Limited Pinot Noir

The Decoy 2021 Limited Pinot Noir, hailing from the prestigious vineyards of Sonoma, California, is a nuanced expression of the Pinot Noir varietal. Known for its delicate approach to robust flavors, this wine offers a medium-bodied experience, characterized by its earthy and fruity nuances. Crafted by the respected Duckhorn family, it promises quality and potential for development over the years.

Decoy’s 2021 Limited Pinot Noir is a reflection of the winery’s commitment to affordable quality. At a price point of $28, it represents an accessible option for both seasoned wine aficionados and those new to the world of Pinot Noir. This vintage holds promise for evolution, suggesting that a few years in the cellar could enhance its already commendable profile.

Tasting Notes

On the Nose: The aroma of this Pinot Noir features a compelling mix of black cherry and blackberry, with earthy undertones of cedar that add depth and intrigue to the olfactory experience.

On the Palate: Flavors of black cherry and plum lead the taste profile, supported by the continued presence of blackberry. This fruit-forward approach is grounded by the wine’s subtle tannins, creating a smooth and engaging mouthfeel.

Pairing Suggestions:

This medium-acidity and medium-bodied wine pairs beautifully with a variety of foods. Its versatility makes it suitable for filet mignon, salmon and other fatty fishes, as well as chicken, turkey, soft cheeses, and mushroom-based dishes. The subtle tannins and balanced body make it an excellent companion to both hearty and delicate meals.

Closing Notes:

While the Decoy 2021 Limited Pinot Noir is enjoyable now, giving it a few years to mature could potentially bring out additional layers of complexity. As part of the Duckhorn family of wines, it maintains a high standard of quality. The winery itself offers a fantastic tasting experience, adding to the allure of this wine as more than just a beverage but a piece of Sonoma’s rich winemaking heritage.

Structure Breakdown: Decoy 2021 Limited Pinot Noir

  • Acidity: Medium
  • Body: Medium
  • Tannins: Subtle
  • Varietal Composition: Pinot Noir
  • ABV: 13.9%
  • Region: Sonoma, California

Vino – Rater Score: 89

This review captures the essence of the Decoy 2021 Limited Pinot Noir, showcasing its current strengths and future potential, making it a thoughtful addition to any wine collection.

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