Focus on the Solutions – Blog #86

Focus on the Solutions – Blog #86

Focus on the Solutions

In Blog 85, I talked about my Buyer of the month recognition. In this blog I wanted to talk about how to focus on the solutions.

So we had been preparing for the Anniversary sale for a while now and tomorrow was the big day. We were ready. The team had all our sections organized by sale items in front of the stockroom for easy access. We schedule everyone’s lunch hours so we would always be covered. Only one thing was an unknown. Diane was pregnant with our second child and due any moment…

I left early the next morning and told Diane to call the store if anything happened. We also had our neighbors informed too. the store opens like normal and we were on fire. We were so busy it was crazy. It was awesome but crazy. Then it happened…


We heard a loud pop and all the lights in the store went out. The phones were also dead. What if Diane is trying to call me? I ran next door to See’s Candies and told them what happened and if a frantic person calls saying she’s in labor to come get me. They laughed and agreed, which put my mind somewhat at ease. Now the business solution.

Pitch Dark

It was pitch dark in the stockroom so we opened up some back doors and had our stock guy keep a lookout. We also rounded up all the flashlights we could get and had a team help the salespeople find the shoes. Luckily the sale shoes were up front. It was unbelievable. We got through it though and still managed to have a halfway decent day.

We couldn’t even ring anything up because the registers were dead, so everything was manually done. When the lights went back on, the cashiers started ringing stuff up in the training rooms to catch us up.

We survived it. Jean Claude made everyone t-Shirts that said “ I Survived the Blackout” Nordstrom Arden Fair

 “Focus on the solution, not on the problem.” Jim Rohn


…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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Cliff Jones
1 Jul 2020

Mike, I was there, across the isle in men’s shoes, I remember it well. Funny thing was when the manual tickets were rung and the day was over, I had a great day $. Maybe it was because I grabbed a flashlight early on and never gave it up!


4 Jul 2020

That was a crazy day but very memrable for alot of reasons


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