Language you may hear in the Stockroom – Blog #63

Language you may hear in the Stockroom – Blog #63

Language you may hear in the Stockroom

So, in Blog #62 I talked about Sale customers you meet at Nordstrom. In this blog I want to talk about Language you may hear in the Stockroom.

So just to clarify, I’m not going to tell word for word, I’ll leave some to the imagination.  It is comical though. Being the floor watcher you overhear many of the conversations, some go like this:

C:  “do you think this makes my foot look big?”

S: “not at all, black is very slenderizing”, I have another style I think you will love”


S: “ARRRGGGG, if this #$%^&$ makes me bring out another pair, I’m going to shoot myself. This is the 20th pair now”. “Does it make my foot look big…Try the box it’ll fit better”

Back to the floor:

S: “I found this style I know you will love”

C: “OMG! I love it! Does it come in navy?”

S: “let me go check”


S: “%@%$%  &%&%%”

S2: ”What’s wrong?”

S: “I’m waiting on a @$#% who will probably walk after 25 shoes”


S: “Wow we had it!” if you can’t decide which color, just take both and bring back the one you decide against later”

C: “Can you hold both? I want to think about it?”

This actually happened…The salesperson was so upset it stuck with me all these years lol. This was actually tame compared to some of the things we would hear. Steve told everyone finally to tone it down.

The backroom can be a place to let off steam, our first Asst. Jim, was a black belt so he’d go in the back and punch a metal pole repeatedly. He said it was to build up callous on his knuckles. It was funny though because you wouldnt see him on the floor, but you knew where he was because you could hear him in the back.

I’ve been in many stockrooms over the years and the language you may hear in the stockroom depends on the group. If you have a bunch of people who swear a lot it can be pretty interesting in the back, otherwise it can be a place just to catch your breath.

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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