Developing personal customers was so Important – Blog #50

Developing personal customers was so Important – Blog #50

Developing personal customers was so Important

In Blog #49 I talked about commuting in the Bay Area, in this blog I want to talk about why developing personal customers is so important.

Nordstrom puts a lot into the customer experience. From the marble floors, to the piano players. Everything is well thought out. That’s why it’s so important as a salesperson to do your part to make sure the experience is positive. Nothing would be worse than to have a customer leave unhappy from poor service. Especially when so much has been put into making sure they enjoy the experience. That’s why developing a connection with a customer is so important. It was highly recommended to develop a personal clientele. 

The Books

I would have two books. A small pocket book for quick notes and finding shoes I needed from other stores and my big personal book binder. I wouldn’t bring the big book out unless I really connected with the person. If I felt he/she would be someone I could call if a brand they liked came in  I’d add them. The binder had pages for their shopping history, size, color, etc. So for instance, if someone loved Stuart Weitzman and I sold them a few pairs, I would take down their info. Then, when new styles came in I would call them to come in.  At this moment in time everything was done manually. 

One Drawback

Unfortunately for me I was relatively new, so my customer list was relatively smaller than the veterans who had been there awhile. Jeannie was the most impressive she had an amazing following. Her first day would be huge before we even opened. This is why developing the personal customer list was so important. It was great for them, as they had someone taking care of them and for the salesman making commission, it was great as well.

So the Anniversary sale was coming up so we shifted the stockroom to place the Anniversary items in one area. With the Anniversary sale,  racks weren’t put up so it was a different experience as I’ll explain more in the next blog

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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