Customer service at Nordstrom is number one – Blog #43

Customer service at Nordstrom is number one – Blog #43

Customer service at Nordstrom is number one

So, in Blog #42 I talked about how to be prepare for an interview. In this blog I want to talk about how customer service at Nordstrom is number one.

Martha calls me a few days later in the most cheery voice I’ve ever heard. “We want to offer you a job here in Salon shoes!”.  I was to come in to fill out the paper work on my next day off which was in two days.

Michael meets me in Customer Service and walks me over to HR to fill out all the paperwork. He then set up an orientation for the next week. This would give me time to give notice at Kushins that I was leaving.

Good bye Kushins

I gave my notice the next day to Steve. It was hard to read what he was thinking but at this point I didn’t care. Finally, I made it to the Nordstrom orientation and there were about 20 people there. The speaker was perfect in her orientation. She said “we only have one rule here at Nordstrom and that’s to Use your best judgement”. They went over the benefits and gave everyone a tour of the store.

Meet Michael in Dept.

I was to meet Michael in the Salon Department after I was done. He gives me a big handshake and a smile to match. He explained the floor and that they run a “list” which means when you come to work, your name is put on the floor watchers pad and you are called out to sell when you are “up.””

Regardless if you sell something or not, you are put at the bottom of the list after you are done with the customer. This makes it imperative to sell a high percentage of your customers to make money.

Personal Book

They gave me a big book with empty customer pages to start a personal book. If you sold to a customer, you could add her to your book, especially if she liked a certain brand. When we received new items you could call your customer to show them the new items

There was also a “shoe of the day” and we had to bring out 4 pairs to every customer. It was best practice to bring out the style they asked for, the shoe of the day, an upgrade and your favorite shoe. So there were a few rules I thought.

While you were down on the list, it gave you time to get your stock assignment done and to straighten your section that you were responsible for. Time management was key here.

Customer Service at Nordstrom is number one

In a commission job there are so many tools at your finger tips. you have the product you can sell, so know your product. you have to show a variety of styles to increase your odds of a muliple sale. Developing a personal customer book is equally important. If you receive new product you can call them to sell them the product they love. 

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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Jennifer Hoeksema
30 Jan 2020

I like hearing about the Nordstrom days!

8 Feb 2020

I like talking about them, have really great memories from those days


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