Improving Customer Service is key to Success – Blog #38

Improving Customer Service is key to Success – Blog #38

Improving Service is key to success

So, in Blog #37  I talked about how opportunities can lead to success.In this blog I want to talk about why Improving  Customer Service is Key to Success

Dorothy was doing great, she was a really great salesperson. I watched her to see how she was doing it but it was simple, she was aggressive. She didn’t wait to approach people. If others hesitated she was on the customer quick. Some of the others started to complain about her but I told them to be more attentive to the customers. If someone made the effort, Dorothy would yield to them but if they hesitated, she didn’t wait.

Measuring feet

I started having morning meetings and for those that closed all the time, I would have one on one meetings to include them on what I went over. The first thing I wanted to initiate was measuring everyone’s feet. I made sure everyone knew how to use the Brannock device. 

Since Naturalizer carried so many different sizes and widths, it was important to teach them how to measure the width too. I started hearing customers comment “I can’t remember the last time someone measured my foot”. I supplied shoe horns and supplies in the back to modify the fit if needed.

One young lady I interviewed named Gina impressed me by her vibrant personality. Sharon was still calling in sick a lot so I hired Gina and fired Sharon. We finally had a great team.

The team started to bond, doing things for each other, covering shifts. Bobbie even covered someone’s night shift, and she never closed. Halloween was fast approaching and the team decided they wanted to dress up. It was a lot of fun and we had a pot luck that day too.

At the end of the year our numbers were off the charts. We were having huge increases and Jim was super happy with our performance.

YE awards

The Mall manager called me and invited me to an awards ceremony. He said “you may want to attend this one”. We won three awards that night, the most of any one store . We won the following:

Most $ per square foot

Best customer service

Largest category increase

Jim wanted to keep Best Customer service in the store so I kept one for home and gave Jim the other for his office. The team was so happy to be recognized for all the hard work. It was a proud moment for me too. The team worked so hard to achieve these things so I was glad we were recognized.

Improving Customer Service is key to Success 

Service is always a good place to start to improve sales. If you make your customers happy they will tell family and friends. Word of mouth is great advertising. 

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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