Stay Focused when you are successful – Blog #33

Stay Focused when you are successful – Blog #33

Stay Focused when you are successful

So, in Blog #32 I talked about learnings from my first footwear mentor. In this blog I want to talk about How you should stay focused when you are successful.

So with Jim Being a great mentor and me the sponge, the store was starting to have really great business.

The Los Altos Town Crier started including us in some features about our team. We would also buy space to advertise as well. Things were going well for the store and I was getting to know the team a lot better as time passed. It was an exciting time for me to be learning the art of buying and managing a successful store again.


Greg, our Naturalizer rep was amazing. He would stop by the store each week and we would discuss what styles we should reorder and how much. We tried to keep a flow of goods coming to coincide with the terms Jim had. Jim would call me pretty much everyday and always ask “what ya got up?”. He had a pretty good sense of humor and he was excited for our success.

Wined and dined

Greg would take me to the fancy restaurant once a month. We usually grabbed a bite at the deli since it was so amazing. He was kind of a preppie type of guy always dressed well and every hair in place. He had a great sense of humor and was one of the best salesmen I had ever met. I had a salesman once where you knew he was just trying to push shoes down your throat. Greg seemed more genuine.

It was easy to get caught up in all the new found attention. It was exciting! To stay focused, I started writing a to do list every morning. I would prioritize by when it needed to be done. I had an order to my morning routine as well. Of course after I had my first cup of coffee.

Stay Focused when you are successful.

 Always remember to have a routine in what you do when you come in the first thing. I always check my numbers first, then my emails and voicemails. Then I plan my day and check off my to do list as I go.

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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