The Ugg Slippers bet I took in Palo Alto – Blog #135

The Ugg Slippers bet I took in Palo Alto – Blog #135

The Ugg Slippers bet I took in Palo Alto

So, in Blog #134,  I talked about how you are only as good as your last flash. In this blog  I want to talk about the Ugg slippers bet I took in Palo Alto


As I mentioned earlier I was taking a risk by buying so many pairs of Ugg slippers without getting the whole amount signed off by my new RMM. But I knew I was right. I had calculated what we missed and what the opportunity was. I had the basic Classic covered as well as the Ultra.




Miles was great at helping me figure out what we actually needed. The goal was sell most everything with just a little left over for exchanges. Given the fact that most of the other stores weren’t doing this I was confident we would come out in really great shape.

We started shifting the stockroom to make room for the 1,000 pairs of the slippers. Given the tight space in the back we would come up a little short still but could store some excess at the very top of the stockroom shelves.


Slipper season


October was usually the month to start your flow of slippers. You would sell some in October but minimal numbers.When November Half Yearly started in the first week, we would start selling slippers fast. This is because of the excess traffic in the store.


The Ugg Slippers bet I took in Palo Alto was really the following.  I felt the other stores wouldn’t buy enough and if we had too many I could send some to stores in need. My gut told me we still wouldn’t have enough this year but without the proper history it was just my gut telling me so.


We would place the Ugg display right up front and watch them fly. For now though it was a waiting game. They were due to hit any day now…

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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