Team Bonding is Good for Morale -Blog #128

Team Bonding is Good for Morale -Blog #128

Team Bonding is Good for Morale

In Blog #127 I talked about about the Nordstrom buying system. In this blog I want to talk about how Team Bonding is Good for Morale


Daryl came by 4 tickets to a 49er game. It was against the Eagles so it would be a great game. Steve Young was the QB at the time so the 49ers were having a good run. Daryl let me bring James who was about 11 at the time and this would be his first game.


How Team Bonding is Good for Morale


The day started by a little tailgating drinking quite a few beers. Probably wasn’t the best example for an eleven year old but we had a lot of fun together. Even though business was improving it had been a stressful year so it was good to cut loose together. Being a Raiders fan I had to wear a Raiders cap because god forbid they thought I was a 49er fan.


During the game Steve Young was on fire so they handily beat the Eagles this game. We had a few beers during the game too and since it was really cold Daryl broke out a flask with “Adult Beverages” to keep us warm. We had such a great time enjoying the game and having lots of laughs together. The three of us made a great trio, we really enjoyed each other.


By having so much fun together we all grew closer that day. When you get to know someone and you bond you also establish trust, which is important. I think by the end of the day we grew to appreciate each other and all the stressful times we all endured. We could now lean on each other with a much better understanding of us as a team.


On the way back, all the alcohol hit me, so I was a mess. My car was at Daryls house, so they drove me home and Terry drove over to get Daryl back in time. These days it would have been an Uber moment but we did dumb things back then. 


Always good to make time for some team bonding time. It was long over due and we had such a good time. Would have been the perfect day if I would have watched my “Adult beverage” consumption. 

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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