Transfer to Bay Area Checklist – Blog #119

Transfer to Bay Area Checklist – Blog #119

Transfer to Bay Area Checklist

In Blog# 118  I talked about how good-byes are tough. In this blog I want to talk about my transfer to Bay Area checklist items

There was so much to do in the transfer. Had to coordinate the movers, figure out the kids schools and find a place to live. We found some renters through a neighbor of ours so that worked out well. James was now 8 and Jennifer was 3 so we had to figure out schools now.

We went down and looked at the area while Diane’s mom watched the kids. Both of us liked the Fremont area and found good schools for the kids. Then we found a rental house in a nice area. I could take the Dumbarton bridge which would be a pain but workable.

 Just needed to start packing now I guess. I was somewhat familiar with Palo Alto from my days at Naturalizer and Fremont as we lived there before.Got back to the store and said my goodbyes for the final time, Lorrie the person I worked with in the kid’s area I found out would take my place. While at the store I ran into Jean Claude and he said, I appreciate all you did here. I have something for you but you have to pick them up at my house. Previously I gave him a ride one time when his garage door wasn’t working, so I knew he was near where I lived.

I arrived as schedule and he took me to his bedroom and opened up his closet.  He had so many great suits I couldn’t believe it. Being in the Men’s suit area for years, it made sense, but still… I was in awe. In fact I think my jaw dropped lol.

“ We are about the same size, so I think they will fit you fine. If not take them to the tailor in Palo Alto”. Jean Claude gave me 3-4 of his Hickey Freeman suits. It was so thoughtful. I told him I didn’t know what to say. He said “I want you to start your new job looking good”. I was going to miss him. 

He too had high expectations but I learned so much from him. In fact we went through so much together. From my Kid’s area time and building up the Brass Plum shoes area, he was a big support to me. It was nice to have a person like Jean Claude on my side. We had so much fun in that store.

Another chapter was about to unfold in my career. This would also be hard for the kids to leave their friends. I had mixed emotions all the way around. Would miss my friends but looked forward to this new challenge.

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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