No Guts No Glory – Blog #110

No Guts No Glory – Blog #110

No Guts No Glory

In Blog 109, I talked about how change is constant in retail. In this blog I want to talk about No Guts No Glory.

The 9 West “Faith” was the number one pump from 9 West at the time. Nordstrom wouldn’t buy it because of how Macy’s used to have White Flower day sales every week and we would be matching price accordingly. I figured if it’s the number one pump from them, I want it. So I bought it.


Kent’s first visit


Kent comes into the store for a visit and goes over to the 9 West table and picks up the Faith. “I don’t remember signing this PO” he said. “You didn’t” I said sheepishly. “I could lie and said I bought it during the transition, but the truth is It’s the number one pump so I want it”.

Now mind you I didn’t know how he would react to my cowboy style being he was here just a short while. So I was bracing for the heat.

“Dude…I am so impressed with this right now, great job”. He was happy I took the chance but for future reference to let him know at least so he can help. Whew! It quickly became a best seller.  


Great 9 West Rep


We had an amazing 9 West rep named Michelle and she helped make sure we got plenty of stock. I loved her spirit, plus we had the same birthday so we were both the same sign too. Kent was even thinking about buying it for reorders in the DC for our region.

No guts no glory! Sometimes you have to take chances and that’s the fun part of buying. Especially when you are right! Not so much when you are wrong…Next time I’ll be sure to include Kent in the conversation,

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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