9 Pacesetters on the BP floor – Blog #100

9 Pacesetters on the BP floor – Blog #100

9 Pacesetters on the BP floor

In Blog 99 I talked about how my team rescued me. In this blog I want  to talk about having 9 Pacesetters on the BP floor.

We had about 20 people now as our business was growing and we needed the help for the Anniversary Sale.




Marc decided to come back to the department after being gone for a few years. He was one of the original Asst’s when the store opened. The best thing about March was he had an amazing personality, you instantly liked him. Incredibly funny and great with the customers. Plus he was always dressed impeccably. It was around July when he came back so it would be a challenge for him to make pacesetter this year but he was putting up Pacesetter numbers. He was a great ambassador for the department too.




Greg was one of our Pacesetter/Allstars. Soft spoken and incredibly genuine. He was great with his customers and was  very dependable. His sales were very steady which was also his character, steady. In addition he had a great sense of humor, always kidding around and lots of smiles. You just like to be around him.



Bill was quickly becoming one of our All-Star salespeople. He had it all, he could sell and give great service at the same time. So much so we made him an All-Star. For the honor the salespeople would receive a bigger employee discount and special business cards. They would also get their photo placed in the Customer Service All-Star section. Bill, Aaron and I became pretty close in working so many hours together. Bill would do anything for us, volunteered to do the workbench and any other extra thing he was always there for us. Bill is still working with me now except at Zappos.




Brent was a speedster on the floor. He could help two or three people at a time and not miss a beat. The customers loved him as he was really personable.  He was a given for Pacesetter this year. He outpaced the Pacesetter goals they had each month. Brent fondly called me “Big Toe” and had a great laugh when he did it. He was funny and down to earth at the same time.  He was hard not to like




Throughout my career at Nordstrom I met some of the best salespeople around. In fact in a future store I had 5 people on my floor that were in the corporate top 10, 2 in the top 5. Danny was this type of person for the Juniors area. He was charming, dressed well and very handsome. He could sell anything to anyone. He gave really good service too.  We were very fortunate to have him on our team.

I had mentioned before some other Pacesetters like Alberto, Mike and our Asst. Aaron. We had a dream team for sure. All in all we had 9 now out of 20. It was a great recipe for success. Especially since some of them were also All-Stars. So we had great service and people who could sell. We had a great team of assts too. We were primed for success…

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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Marc A. Blasquez
19 Aug 2020

We really had a great team!


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