Bill and Mikes Cluck U adventure – Blog #157

Bill and Mikes Cluck U adventure – Blog #157

Bill and Mikes Cluck U adventure

Blog #156  I talked about more Nordstrom changes and a trip to Vegas. In this blog I want to talk about The infamous Bill and Mikes Cluck U adventure.


In Blog #155 I talked briefly about Bill transferring over to run the Brass Plum shoes department upstairs. We would go to lunches together whether it was in the mall or bringing something back to eat in the lunchroom. We talked frequently and ran things by each other. Bill would usually have things for me regarding Brass Plum shoes because of my experience and I would run things by him on people issues without giving up names.




For one of the sale events we decided to rent a room together close to the store so we could get into the store early. Sounds good in theory right? Usually the store would open earlier at 7:30 am so to avoid the hour commute it made total sense. Ok rule is not to over drink though right. Right. So we decided to buy just a six pack to be on the safe side and get some takeout


Cluck U


There was a pretty popular wing place that was popular with the college crowd called “Cluck U”. I had been meaning to try it out but usually my lunch spots stayed close to the mall. This was just far enough that I would go to try it out. We get there And start checking out the menu. To the right is a giant thermometer and at the top is the flavor “911” must sign a waiver…We both look at each other, do you want to? Normally yes but maybe the next one to be safe.


Thermo Nuclear what?


“Thermo Nuclear BBQ” was way smarter we thought. Wait a minute, Thermo Nuclear BBQ is way smarter, lol. We get two to three other flavors too and bring them back to the room. The bag smelled hot even, we both laughed. We get situated, lay all the flavors out on the table and proceed to have a few beers. There was an uncomfortable silence all of a sudden. “you ready?” I said. We both look at each other with fearful anticipation on how hot this would be. “Thermo Nuclear BBQ” is how hot you idiot.


We both take a wing and eat it. Not so bad, we both commented. Ate another, feeling a little heat now. Third one half way through picture one of those cartoon characters eating the hottest thing ever. That’s what it felt like. It was so HOT!. In fact it was so hot we started laughing. Downing our last beer, didn’t help…A gallon of water each, didn’t help…We look at each other and almost simultaneously say at the same time “Popsicles” you know those red white & blue bomb popsicles. They have to do the trick…


If we would have tried popsicles with dairy in them it might have worked. There’s an ingredient in hot peppers called capsaicin which basically repels water and other cold drinks. But dairy works because instead of repelling it binds to prevent the hot taste. Bread is also a remedy but milk is the best solution. We didn’t do that though so we suffered through it.


What goes in hot…


Those of you who have had extremely spicy foods know that when it goes in hot it usually goes out hot too. I’m not going to expand on this but I’m sure you get the picture. We both had to limp around the whole day in utter pain. We would see each other during the day and just laugh, it was a painful laugh but a laugh just the same.


Note to self: When working a busy “Bell to Bell” day, which means open to close, don’t do the “Thermo Nuclear BBQ” wing. Bill and Mikes Cluck U adventure was fun but Honey mustard would have been a better choice…

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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