Best to have options to make decisions #166

Best to have options to make decisions #166

Best to have options to make decisions

Blog #165  I talked about how Nordstrom Consolidations sealed the deal. In this blog I want to talk about why it’s Best to have options to make decisions


Bill decides to leave Nordstrom for REI. That was disappointing but I probably was going to leave soon too. Our 2nd Asst. wanted Bill’s job so she asked me what I thought. Being in a distressed state of mind, I confided in her to stay in our department because I would be leaving soon and there would be opportunities for her on a much larger floor since Chris would more than likely get my position. I told her not to say anything but to just trust me.


The betrayal


Not 30 minutes later Kristin calls me up to her office. She was a little irritated at me that I mentioned this to the 2nd Asst. More so wanted to know if it was true. I told her I was weighing my options because I’d be a department manager going forward and wasn’t real happy about it. I respected her a ton and felt bad I couldn’t be totally honest but had to protect my family. I was really disappointed in our 2nd Asst. for throwing me under the bus. People…Had to laugh about it though. People show their true colors too often.


I get down to the department and wanted to lay into her so bad but I didn’t. Fuck it I thought. Not worth my time. Taught me a hard lesson not to open my big mouth unless I knew for sure I could trust the person. Guess I found out. While sitting at my desk, the phone rings. John from Zappos called me. “Funny I was going to call you guys again”, I said. He told me to talk to Fred. We had all worked together in Arden Fair so we had a comfort level with each other.


Zappos call


I call Fred up and he tells me they have been doubling their business each year. He told me they really needed someone with women’s experience. The whole idea of Zappos was exciting to me. I felt Nordstrom gave me great experience and with all the great relationships I had in the vendor community, I could make a difference.  I told him I would talk to my wife and let him know where we were with it all. I didn’t want to waste his time if it was a no again.


I get home and it was still a no. “Too risky”, she said. We have a mortgage and small kids to think about. She felt I’d make a great store manager. Was glad that there was someone with confidence in my corner. I wasn’t sold on the Target thing still but I wanted to keep Zappos as an option still. I may have to just make an executive decision at some point. I called Fred the next day and told him the story. He understood but was disappointed. I could sense his passion for the company and so wanted to be a part of it. Maybe one day…


Two options


11 years with Nordstrom, and two solid opportunities. I had a few other irons in the fire but nothing real firm. If I had to pull the trigger with Zappos, that option was still there for me but it would be against my wife’s will. My only regrets in this whole process were I should have called Jack or Blake but my mind wasn’t in a good place at this point.


I was going to see the regional GM tomorrow to see what the Nordstrom play was.  I really didn’t know where this conversation was going to go. What was I trying to gain? With a few options at least I had a little leverage. I decided since I had a few options I could ask for a transfer but it would have to be out of the area. Southern California could be an option. The other option would be to push for a severance package since my job was changing.


Bottom line


I was done here in Northern California though regardless, just needed closure. Quite honestly this was a little scary for me. I had a comfort zone here even though it was stressful. I had seen so many changes in Nordstrom and it was part of my life. This was going to be hard no matter what. I knew going into this meeting that the answer would be political and force me to make a change.


When reality hits you like that there is a certain amount of soul searching that needs to be done. For myself I really wanted to take the Zappos route. But in marriage, there is compromise. Kinda of like when I wanted a 4×4 truck and had to settle for a Honda Accord. Not that Hondas are bad but just more practical. Needless to say I was driving a Honda. At least it was green my favorite color…

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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17 Feb 2021

Nice one this week, Mike! Betrayal sucks, but sounds like you made it out okay. It is definitely tough to know who you can trust!

28 Feb 2021

Sometimes people just don’t think…I think we both learned something on this one.

17 Feb 2021

Good one….

28 Feb 2021

Thanks Dean!


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