Alta Vista 2019 Malbec

Alta Vista 2019 Malbec

Chateau Dalmeran 2022 Rosé

Alta Vista 2019 Malbec 

Ever stumbled upon a wine so good, you momentarily forgot where you were? Enter the stage, Alta Vista 2019 Malbec. This isn’t just any wine; it’s your next wine crush, coming straight from Argentina’s heartland, where Malbec is practically the national anthem.

This Malbec, with its moderate acidity, full body, and the tannins are robust yet polished, providing a backbone that is firm but not intrusive, allowing the wine to unfold smoothly across the taste buds. It’s a testament to the rich terroir and winemaking tradition that Argentina is celebrated for.

The first sip of the Alta Vista Alizarine Malbec 2019 reveals a wine that is both powerful and refined. The palate is a continuation of the aromatic journey, with the dark fruits becoming more pronounced and enriched by layers of chocolate, leather, and a subtle spice that tingles pleasantly. The integration of oak is masterful, adding structure without overshadowing the wine’s natural vibrancy. It’s a wine that promises not just a taste but an experience, ideally paired with the robust flavors of grilled beef, lamb, hearty pastas, and hard cheeses, elevating any meal to a culinary event.

Personal Insight: Alta Vista 2019 Malbec

My journey with the 2019 Alizarine Malbec began with a curiosity to deepen my understanding of Argentina’s flagship varietal. As I navigate through my NWS 3 course, this bottle stands as a prelude to the lessons on Argentine wines yet to come, enriching my palate and preparing me for what lies ahead.

Closing Notes: 

The decision to uncork this Malbec came on an evening dedicated to grilling a dry-aged ribeye, a moment of contemplation between the myriad choices wine offers. Remembering the adage that Malbec and grilled steak are a match made in heaven, I decided to dive in. It was a reminder that wine, at its best, is about the moments we seize and the memories we create.

Rating this Malbec? Let’s just say it’s a solid 93. Why not higher? Because we need to leave room for the possibility of a wine out there that can actually do your taxes. But jokes aside, the Alta Vista Alizarine Malbec 2019 is a bottle that’ll make your heart skip a beat. It’s amazing, it’s tasty, it’s so good – it’s basically everything you’ve been scrolling through wine apps for. Grab a bottle, pour yourself a glass, and let’s toast to the wine that’s about to make your “most loved” list. Cheers!

Structure Breakdown: Alta Vista 2019 Malbec

Acidity: Moderate

Body: Full

Tannins: Medium

Pairs with: Grilled beef, lamb, hearty pastas, and hard cheeses

Vino – Rater Score: 93

Pairs With:

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