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Hi, I’m Mike Normart

I’ve been in retail since 1980 and now am transitioning from the fast-paced world of footwear & apparel into the nuanced realm of wine, I discovered a passion that transcends trends and seasons.

I began my career in footwear in store management back in 1980 before transitioning to buying footwear at Nordstrom in 1989. I learned the basics from some brilliant minds and amazing people like Martha Banuelos, Gail Lalumiere, Rob Shields.I also had the pleasure of working with Blake Nordstrom albeit indirectly and the one quote he loved “Extend Yourself”. I learned a lot from this great man, gone too soon…

Finally, at Zappos, I played a pivotal role in expanding a $3 billion business as a Senior Director of Merchandising, holding various roles over the course of 19 years. I also feel fortunate to have the privilege to work with the brilliant Tony Hsieh for most of that time. He is truly missed…

As an aspiring sommelier, my journey evolves into sensory exploration, where every bottle tells a story waiting to be shared and savored. Join me as we uncork the possibilities of this exhilarating transition, where the art of pairing extends to elevate moments and create lasting memories.

**UPDATE** I PASSED MY SOMMELIER COURSE! I even got a “A”  on my final exam

Mike Normart

Opened the Arden Fair Nordstrom Store and was awarded the honor of being the first All-Star for the store.


Started with Zappos in 2003 in San Francisco, Moved to Las Vegas in 2005 and was the Director/Sr. Director for many areas, including Private Label and the Women’s, Men’s & Kid’s Footwear & Clothing areas.


I Passed my Sommelier final exam April 15, 2024! Going to take a short break from school, then decide if I want to pursue the Advanced level.


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